• Are Deleted Cell Phone Texts Messages Gone For Good?

    No your deleted cell phone text messages are not gone for good. It is possible to undeleted them and recover every deleted text message on aa report.If you have accidentally deleted a cell phone text from your iPhone or Blackberry many times people will think these messages are gone for good. In fact many times the reason people will blatantly cheat on their husband or wife by sexting and flirting with their lover over text messages thing that all they have to do to destroy the evidence is simply delete the text and it is gone forever without any hope of recovering the deleted messages.


    This misinformation is compounded in numerous Internet message board postings, blogs and news groups where well meaning people will tell others that once deleted the messages can never be recovered. In fact even many times the customer service representatives at the cellular phone service provider or salesman at the cell phone store will pass along the same bad info. Often adding that even the account holder will need a court order or subpoena to obtain even the slightest information about their own phone, account or texts.

    Are Deleted Cell Phone Texts Messages Gone For Good?

    In the past year here have been many high profile celebrity infidelity cases where all of the evidence that proved the infidelity was obtained by recovering deleted cell phone text messages.


    Many cheating spouses have fallen victim to the same misinformation. Many times willingly turning over their phone to a spouse for inspection. Not knowing that all the deleted sext messages will be recovered to prove without a doubt they are guilty of cheating.


    The process of cell phone forensics to recover deleted texts messages is not difficult or expensive. All you have to do is find a PI that specializes in digital forensics, ship your phone out and a few days and a few hours later all your recently deleted data will be recovered and reduced to a report. You can still use the phone and your deleted data has all been recovered. So the fact is it's simply not gone for good in actuality it's a very simple, easy, inexpensive and quick process to recover deleted text messages from a cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry and many other many and models of popular phones.


    Like so many things in life people are quick to chime in with inaccurate information rehashing old outdated information to give you advice on things they have no personal experience with. If you want to understand the facts behind cell phone forensics and deleted data recovery speak with a cellular forensic consultant and get the facts straight from the horses mouth.


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